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Michelle Devlin

I just finished reading "Manifesting God's Love in Your Family". Lisa's desire to inspire is on fire in this book!!! I LOVE how she writes from a place of her own difficulties and experiences TRULY and GENUINELY wanting to share, in the hopes of helping all of the families out there maneuver the challenging role that parenting can be. 

I especially resonated with Chapter 11 ~ The Repercussions. Lisa honestly writes about the game plan that parents have a responsibility to create and follow with God's help and blessings. This one is a MUST READ!

 Joanne Torchia

Lisa, your new book is so inspiring and it really took me back to my own younger days of raising my kids. I know you can't go back again, but, I would do alot of things quite differently. 'Manifesting God's Love in Your Family' was a wake up call for me. Knowing what I know now about God's love for me and the faith I have acquired in the last few years, my life would have been entirely different. 

Thank you Lisa, my dear, dear Sister, for your insight and honesty. Love and blessings.

Arlene Harder, MA, MFT, Author, Founder Support4Change

Congratulations on your new book. I am sure you will help many families with your hard-earned lessons on faith and love.   

Jane Boston, President of Motivations, Inc.

I enjoyed your book at it is what so many parents need. It reminded me how blessed I have been that my son completely surrendered his life to the Lord at a young age and thus my parenting was made so easy because he chose to make his decisions God's way even as a child. 

Your book stays focused on parenting God's way which so many parents feel inadequate at this most important job.

Pete O'Shea, Radio Talk Show Host

I pray that your message reaches all parents and that our most precious resources, our children, will be served by your wisdom. God uses each of us that way. He gives us specific wisdom, a piece of his vast, unlimited wisdom, for us to share. Those who share it selflessly will be rewarded at the eternal banquet. 

Jim Linkin, Author " The Link to Senior Golf"  

I was fascinated from the first page! A very enjoyable read, indeed. Lisa's insight on how God's word applies to our family lives is a thoughtful perspective we can all learn from. Lisa proves once again that the answers we need have been provided by The Lord, we just need to apply them. This book will help many do just that. Well done! 

Vanessa Akins

This book is not only thought provoking, but is help for a direction in your life. It grabs your attention from the introduction!! God truly had His hand of blessing on this book! Buy one for your friends.

Debra Lesinski

Lisa, took your book, "Manifesting God's Love in Your Family" with me on my beach vacation! I thoroughly enjoyed the easy read filled with great inspirational content! I love that you inserted scripture throughout and have used scripture as the "rule book" for daily family life. I have many pages "dog eared" for future reference.

One in particular that spoke to me as I am raising teenagers and have much worry was: "Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. sufficient for the day is its own trouble." Matthew 6:34 Great book for parents of children of all ages!  Thank you!

Angelina Musik-Comp, Apprentice III Semi-Finalist, MOMtrepreneurs™

I appreciate Lisa's forthrightness, sharing from her personal parenting experience. In a day where parents are so busy keeping up with their responsibilities, Lisa's book reminds us that the greatest gift for our children is our undivided time and attention. I believe her goal to encourage parents to set boundaries will prevent less mistakes along the way.

Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Best Selling Author, Emmy Award Winning TV Movie - The Christmas Box

This Book is an honest portrayal of a mother's experience raising her child in both the good and difficult times of teenagerdom.

Jack Levine, Founder 4Generations Institute

Lisa Hein is both a talented teacher and a faithful friend. In her asserting that without knowledge we are destined to fail, she does not only intend for us to learn about the world outside of ourselves. Lisa inspires us to learn the lessons of the heart and sensitivities of the soul within us all. Our lives are blessed if we are blessings to others. 

That mutuality of spirit, faith, family and community is alive in her deep thoughts and wonderful writings….Lisa’s precious gifts to this and future generations.” 

Jeral Davis, Author of Tomorrow

Are you wondering how to break from destructive patterns that are sabotaging your parenting relationship? Lisa Hein's insightful book can be used for personal development and spiritual growth to propel you toward a refreshing perspective with solid answers. Her parenting journey is a gift to us from a woman who lives and breathes her work.

She has captured the essence of what it is to be a parent and learn from the greatest Parent of all.” 

Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of Faith, Hope & Healing & Book of Miracles

This book expresses a wisdom derived from Lisa Hein's experience. It is a guide book to life. It's not only about the lessons religions can teach us, but about the lessons life can teach us when we know where to find the right teacher. 

This book can be your teacher, and when you are provided with the answers, you will bring love, not just to your family, but to the family of man.

Dr. BJ Relefourd, Sr. Pastor, Visionary Women of Power

Lisa gives reality based insight on the development of faith and family. The book not only voices the challenges so many of us think but dare to state; it also gives biblical principles to bring resolve to the diverse family unit.

I highly recommend this book to parents, those considering parenthood and those who serve in the parental arena. 

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