Living & Thriving with Rustie

Living & Thriving with Rustie Radio Show is a down to earth and organic style that is reflective of experience and humility; simple, comfortable and with compassion about a variety of topics that inspire, motivate and challenge the listening audience while inspiring understanding and compassion.


Lisa and Rustie shared mutual thoughts of how to stay compassionate during our parenting journey

Katherine Elizabeth Jones Helps Authors

Katherine Elizabeth Jones helps authors and to -be authors talk flight into the world of writing and getting published. She's a published author of several books and creator of Idea Creations Press.

Here is her interview with Lisa posted on her blog website: 

Author Chat Radio Show host Lynda Brown

Author Chat Radio Show host Lynda Brown interviews Lisa about both of her books on parenting. Listen in as they discuss how to have a balanced life no matter how old our children are.

All in our Family with S. Yolanda Robinson on Talktainment Radio

Lisa inspires parents to be all that God has ordained them to be. They are both involved with empowering family members from all walks of life to transform the negative surroundings to being positive and healthy.

S. Yolanda says, "Family is your first school in the game of life and learning how to solve the big and small problems every family faces is more important now than ever."

Listen online each week as show host, Yolanda Robinson helps families address the “real” issues they face. Offering a listening ear and sage advice, this online radio broadcast covers some of life’s toughest obstacles, such as unemployment, infidelity, empty nest syndrome, death, divorce and more. Strengthening the ties that bind, All In Our Family offers families the resources necessary to continue loving one another despite adversity.

Show host, Yolanda Robinson, is author of “There’s Magic In The Blackberry Patch” and is a recipient of numerous honors for her work with children and families. Robinson brings to online radio a compassionate an loving approach to the tough issues facing American families.

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