About Lisa

Lisa Hein was raised in a middle class family where her diligent father worked three jobs to support them. Sundays, church and family time were deeply cherished.

In her teenage years, Lisa embarked on her own until after the birth of her son Blaine. That life changing experience, as a single mom, motivated her to recommit to learning and practicing the teachings around what it meant to manifest God’s love in her life, and now in her child’s.

Although Lisa felt in control as a single mom of a toddler, three years later God blessed her with an amazing man. After Don married her, he adopted Blaine as his own. A family was born. Through their journey together she evidenced God’s love within their family, in spite of unexpected challenges.

Lisa became very ill and decided to move to the warmth of Florida , away from the environment and family she knew and loved.

Finding a church home in a new place proved to be stressful and challenging. She and Don ran into personal conflicts with teachings at some of the churches they visited.

Their hearts desire was to learn how to better manifest God’s love, but the frustration grew so great that they stopped going to church altogether.

Over the years their family unit began to deteriorate as hardship and bitterness grew between herself and the two most important men in her life; Don and her son Blaine. Anger and discontent replaced love in their now divided home. Frustrated, Lisa began to journal, to help her process what she was experiencing while asking God for insight.

A couple of years later she remembers feeling a presence. “It was as though the Lord was standing at my side asking if I was still mad at Him for allowing my family to have fallen apart the way it did,” she says. “The message I received was that He brought my son home every night. Instantly at that moment I fell to my knees and asked for forgiveness. He had never abandoned me, I left Him. He just had to remind me of His fatherly love towards me.

This led her to take her journal and turn it into a book to encourage other struggling parents, titling it THE BOOK, “I’m Doing The Best I Can!” (They won’t always be cute and adorable).

Lisa has been featured on many TV and radio networks, booked as a motivational speaker, and recently retired as the host of her own radio show Everyday Parenting.

She was also asked to share her expertise as a coauthor in the book Ready, Aim Excel among fifty-one other recognized motivational speakers and authors. She says, “I am honored to be included alongside these incredibly intelligent and inspiring people who come from all over the world.”

Lisa is thrilled to present her newest book, Manifesting God’s Love in the Family, sharing, “In my last book I was angry at God and in this one I give Him all the glory.”

Fun Facts About Lisa

• Lisa enjoys entertaining her family and friends. Whenever there is an opportunity, Lisa will make you feel that you are the only one celebrating a special occasion or the only guest in the world!

• She loves to make people happy and is always there whenever her family or friends need nurturing.


• Whenever she goes to Disney, she will run up to the characters to get their autograph and have her picture taken with them.


• Lisa loves to be on the water, whether in the boat or riding along the streets by the water with her husband on his motorcycle.


• Whether she visits NYC, Denver, Miami, etc., Lisa loves to talk to people she doesn't know. She really enjoys meeting strangers... but, they won't be strangers for long!


• She has aligned herself with the most incredible friends EVER! They love to share time together, whether in person or on the telephone, talking about what the day has offered or just to say 'hello.'

• Many of her friends have been there from the beginning and they give her so much support. She is very proud to have these healthy, wonderful women in her life.


• Lisa loves to speak in front of people who understand and can relate to her story. When she looks into the audience and sees heads nodding in agreement, that makes her really happy.


• She knows that what she's saying is touching people's lives and after all, that's why she is doing what she is!

Ask Lisa

Question: What do you do when your child is 9 and how can you go back and correct the mistakes that are made?

Answer: It’s never to late! We must never feel that we have lost the battle. When you confess defeat, you have given your child the right to assume the position of parent. They will then become the authoritative head who will tell you what they are doing, and what you have to do to meet their needs.

When speaking to an older child that has already exhibited aggressive behavior, it’s okay to say things such as ‘it is not okay or acceptable for you to speak to me like this, so please don’t do it again,'or' that behavior is not acceptable anymore and should you choose to continue to act like that, you will suffer the consequences, and trust me, you will not like them.’ 

One thing is, please do not make idol threats. That is what has gotten us in the mess we are in. After so many threats, they learn that you are just bluffing and they will definitely blow you off.

Question: I have a 2 year old who screams at me when she wants something. I have tried everything, but she won’t stop, even if I tell her to stop and put her in time out. What should I do?

Answer: Start screaming back. If she is whining, start whining back at her. It will throw her off and hopefully she will see how silly it looks. Then tell her that you cannot understand her when she acts like that. Please tell me what you want in a nice voice or tone and I will give you what you are asking for. 

If she keeps doing it, I recommend you keep doing it until she gets tired of you mocking her bad behavior. Definitely don’t give up and keep explaining to her that you cannot give her what she wants because of her screaming and it is too hard to understand.

Question: My 14 year old son has absolutely nothing to do with me. It hurts my feelings so much because we use to be so close. What can I do?

Answer: I understand completely, believe me! It’s like all of a sudden you have grown horns and have green slime coming out of your mouth. But don’t give up, just learn to speak to him in a different way. Only answer the question and try not to go a step further until he sees you are really not interested. That should make him take a look and realize something is definitely different about you. 

When you are getting ready to go do something and you really want him to go, yell out, 'okay, I’m leaving, talk to you later.' If he comes out and asks you where you are going, tell him wherever you are going and wait to see if he wants to come. (Make sure it is somewhere he really wants to go). If he doesn’t respond, it’s up to you to decide if you go to him and see if he wants to join you for a fun afternoon. Hopefully he will.

Question: My 12 year old daughter thinks I am the weirdest person ever. Last year we were really close. I can’t handle it and am not sure what I should do.

Answer: Yes, that’s about the age where they start thinking we are ridiculous. When she acts disrespectful, please feel free to stare at her and walk away. I tell you the less we say, at times, the better off we are. If we don’t give them ammunition, they can’t go off on us. Learn to find a happy medium. Find a common bond. I am not saying take her shopping all the time, but maybe once in a while run to a store and then afterwards grab lunch. 

This is a great opportunity to get to ask a few questions, not to many, and hopefully she will feel free to speak openly about what is going on. If she should share something shocking, DON’T act like you are stunned by what she just said. She will not tell you anything ever again, because you ‘over react to everything.’

Talking to our young children is one of the hardest things ever, but, if we don’t bombard them with the drilling of a thousand questions, and we tread lightly, we are more likely to get some answers.

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